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January Superintendent Report

Course Report

Snow. Greens are still covered with snow, but just above the turf is still fluffy snow, with cloudy ice near the top. May need to plow greens by mid-February if no melting and more snow accumulation. Will need to get tractor tire fixed due to ice build up and need tractor for parking lot.

Issues I see in March is bringing up number 7 and 9 where Pythium basal rot hit last season and did not fully recover before winter. I will need to overseed as soon as snow melt and warmer temps settle in. #4 green, the spot not growing was not receiving enough water due to head not turning completely and providing uniform coverage now that drainage is somewhat fixed.

Drainage will be a project for this up coming season along with collar repairs. The only two holes I do not have drainage maps for are 3 and 4 greens (my two worst ones), but the ends should be easy to locate the blockages by the greener grass.


I need to watch Rusty’s hours due to his retirement, and I am looking for a bit of course assistance on the range. I am planning on using the younger kids to cut the range and pick the balls. In addition, I want to assign one or two of the younger ones to be range assistants. They will be at the range handing out balls, picking balls when range is not being used and clearing corn field whenever possible. My only concern now is that Biden will attempt to raise the minimum wage to 15.00 an hour which will require me to reduce labor by almost half. Basically, it will mean that only two of us will be able to care for the course. I will try to average only 60 hours a week this season.


We will need more range balls. After the snow melts and the ground has pushed up range balls, I will have people out hand picking entire range but we will still be short. A good number is 5000 range balls. Unfortunately, having a range requires having range balls and some will be lost every year. We lost almost as many balls as we need this past season and I would like to have better accountability of them. To many just rolled away, to many in corn field, to many hit into pond area that we cannot get to. Really need another 50+ yards added to range. Tees are needing reseeded and grown in as moving the tee will require building and seeding. Not enough labor for me to do this.


What needs fixed that I cannot do:

Big dog mower- needs lift bar to hold mower deck up

JD Rough mower – needs hydraulic line repaired, lug nuts for tire that fell off and right side tire replaced (threads are showing through)

Toro Rough Mower- new positive cable, old one is corroded completely through from battery to starter.

Greens Mower- one more season. Would like to replace with two walk mowers for same cost as a new/used mower. Reason, better cut, better for putting surface, easier on collars, less set-up required, prevents/reduces dollar spot and Pythium diseases.

Tee, Collar, approach mower- Good shape have at least another 5 seasons due to new motor

Jacobsen Mower- New motor, another 5 seasons. Replaces springs, need to replace center engage spring to use reel and verticut attachments.

Sprayer- Wearing out. Has blowby on piston rings, losing power on hills and keeps throwing or chewing up belts. It will keep gimping by as long as I can keep fixing it every use.

Suggestion: Look into a 5 year lease program that only has payments in the season and no payments in the off season. Between equipment and irrigation these are my biggest headache and hardest on budget. We need to establish a capital asset column on budget where we can save for equipment purchases over 500.00. Anything 500 and above should be classified as Capital purchase for tax purposes. Depreciation values for my equipment has exceeded its straightline value i.e., salvage value minus remaining years use divided by useful years lifespan divided by 12 for monthly use. Of course, our two mowers that had the engines replaced were reset to new and restarted the 5 year value.

Irrigation- I will need the well pump fixed. It no longer pumps to fill the irrigation pond. I was putting together a PowerPoint presentation explaining a new irrigation system and benefits but stopped. Reasons are:

1) Budget just isn’t in the normal budget and it seems that asking membership is frowned upon.

2) Only 4 board members and limited membership interested.

3) I am too good at fixing things broken and can make anything work.

4) Need more membership to even consider trying to expand budget.

5) Even if it were in budget, I need to use the money elsewhere as in cart paths, improvements in the entrance such as a fence and gate that can be opened and closed daily. Too many vehicles like to use the club as a turn around spot or place to sit. Besides the local police, I have counted cars from 1000pm until 500am and we average at least 3 a night. Usually, the city cop will chase them off and also do a look around in the cart barn every now and then since I have built a good repour with them.

Carts and Cart shed, other buildings on course- Cart shed need to be painted one color to help look nice. Cart shed is getting full and needs more organization such as where clubs are stored, better lighting as it is very dark in places. The buildings on the course need painted especially the range shed.

Tee walls- Still need to do the tee walls on 1, 2, 5. Need equipment to move blocks and shape the earth around the tees. Also, will need younger help to help move blocks. Will also need soil for #1 rebuild even if just rebuilding tee walls soil will need to be put in place where the old ground was lost.

That all for now.


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