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March Superintendent Report

It has been a long winter but spring is finally here. With the last storm, mother nature has cleared the air and is bringing warm weather with her. Starting Saturday 3/20/21 I am opening the course for carts and walkers. In the meantime, we will still be doing winter clean up for the official opening the 1st of April. Remember, the high school team will be practicing in the afternoon for the rest of this week and next.

Spring clean-up has been on going and if anyone is looking to help out, there are plenty of tree branches needing picked up and stacked around the trees so we may pick them up and burn them. Full maintenance schedule will be starting on April 1st.

Greens will be started to be mowed now and will be rolling a bit on the slow side for about a week. I will cut fairways this weekend and Rusty will be starting roughs Monday if it is not raining. A light rain is expected Monday, but temps will be in the 60’s.

I will be picking the range this weekend and will be putting the balls back in the clubhouse. I have the smaller green baskets for the driving range. If possible, either return them to the clubhouse or stack up on range when finished. You may also pick balls yourself if they are running low as long as no one else is hitting.

Same course rules as last year, please keep carts 50 feet from greens, fix one extra ball mark of the greens and replace your divots. Maintenance will repair any divots that cannot be replaced. We will also repair tee divots 3 times a week when possible. Cart path on two will be closed until the cart path is repaired and directional arrows will be placed.

Thank you

Gene W.

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